10 Bloggers Share Their Best Post Ever 271

On the 12th of March I proposed that one way to create a remarkable blog post is to write like you’re never going to be able to write again, and, in doing so, produce a trump card post. After reading the post, ten Skelliewag readers decided to give it a go. The results were quite spectacular, and covered a broad range of niches, from personal finance, to self-improvement, divination, online writing, work and the PC hardware industry!

Listed in order of submission to me:

How to Live a Life Less Ordinary
by Amy Palko

“Reawaken your curiosity and engage with your environment. Pay attention to the details, and vary the way you look at things. The way I do this is by carrying my camera with me at all times. I am always on the look out for the next photo opportunity. Get up close, look up high, investigate the places you once thought of as familiar. Oh, and make sure you report back on your blog!”

The Five Fundamentals of Financial Success
by Madison at My Dollar Plan

“Financial success has little to do with money, stocks, bonds, asset allocation and retirement plans. Sure those matter, but let’s not confuse financial tools with the fundamentals. The foundation is based on preparation, planning and the relationship that money has with other aspects of your life.”

The Most Important Thing You Need to Learn About Divination
by Danae Sinclair

“Lets start with a prediction; in a world that wants more and more out of everyday experience, we’ll want to know what everything means and want it to fit with our ordinary understanding. We’ll want a method for interpretation, a glossary of the terms of the Gods, all the air-borne secrets revealed in one digest.”
http://writing-journey.com/internet-writing/bang-your-gong-an-call-for-action-from-the-internet-writing-community”>Bang Your Gong: A Call For Action From the Internet Writing Community
by Bob Younce

“Success as an Internet writer doesn’t come easy, and it doesn’t come cheap. It requires dedication, self-discipline and a hell of a lot of good luck.”

Just Say “NO” to Crap!
by squawkfox

“I’m launching an anti-crap campaign. I want you to say “NO” to buying crap. I can’t think of a better way to improve one’s wealth, health, and self than to kick the crap habit. Like any drug, crap has a cost. Crap hits your wallet, abuses the environment, and needles your health both mentally and physically.”

Playing a Round: Life Lessons in 18 Holes of Gold
by Bruce Kuykendall

“Play the Ball As it Lies – In golf, the rules state that you must play the ball as it lies. Life is like that. I need to accept my situation whatever circumstances may bring – and take my best shot to be successful.”

The Five Most Important Things You Need to Know About Working Happy
by Karl Staib

Working happy is not a mystery. We all know that when we do something we love, we’ll work happier. The tricky part of working happy is enjoying all aspects of a job – from the mundane to the exciting. Every job has its pitfalls. You may love interacting with the people at work, but struggle with the customers or vice versa. Whatever your job entails, it’s up to you to extract as much joy from it as possible.”

My Final Post: Top 9 Lessons in Awesomeness
by Hunter Nuttall

“If you’re naturally bad at something, it might take a tremendous amount of effort to become mediocre. But if you’re naturally good at something, it’s relatively easy to become great. It might take a sustained effort over a period of years, but your odds of success are fairly high if you’re truly committed. It’s much easier to stay motivated when you’re good, you know you’re getting even better, and you enjoy what you’re doing.”

Small Changes Make a World of Difference
by Paidtwice

“Now, more than 4 years after we made that one small change to let go of the credit card convenience check security blanket, we’re out of credit card debt, making significant progress on our student loans (something I never thought would be paid off before the end dates sometime in 2013 and 2017) and looking towards having our mortgage be our only debt. All because of an avalanche of small changes.”

The Definition of a ‘Boutique Systems Integrator’
by Edward Borden

“Being a boutique SI isn’t about who your customer base is, who you market to, what color your dragon-shaped cases are, or even what your products cost! There are many companies marketing to the enthusiast space that are flat out boutique SI posers. You might ask me why I care and don’t just let them rot. Well, like I said previously, our industry’s high-end name has got to be protected and understood, otherwise people will think we’re just con-artists trying to overcharge for fancy marketing. And that ain’t right.”