Ask the Readers Whats Your Definition of success 165

This week, I want to challenge Skelliewag readers to set out a concrete definition of success for their blog or website. A point where you can say you’ve achieved everything you wanted.

My personal definition of success is focused around two goals: to be able to quit my part-time job and make my income online doing something I love, and secondly, to release a book or eBook through the blog. I haven’t achieved either of these yet, but I’m on track to do so.

What are the goals you’re working towards?

I’ll be looking for another most valuable commenter this week. Here is a quick summary of what I’ll be looking for:

  • A useful and insightful answer — something others can learn from.
  • Engagement with other commenters and reflection on their answers.
  • Active participation in the discussion.

What I won’t be taking into consideration:

  • Names, identities and affiliations. I’ll be judging by comments alone.

* * *

Last week’s question — what’s the most important lesson you’ve learned? — generated another interesting discussion with some fantastic comments and contributions. I’d love to highlight about a dozen commenters, but that would devalue the prize.

This week’s winner is Keira Peney (who runs a blog for game developers) for her original and insightful thoughts on the importance of listening as a blogger.

I’m not sure this counts as a ‘lesson learned’, but one of the best things I find about blogging is the way you can interact with people – to some extent it feels like the evolution of the message board. You can be questioned, sometimes you can be persuaded to change your mind. You’re always learning and developing – especially if you have challenging readers!

I think if I had to sum it up in one word, the most important lesson I’ve learned as a blogger is listening. Listening to other bloggers, to your readers, and in my case to my Dad who is my best critic! And really responding and engaging with other people. Being approachable really helps, and I think that ties in with being authentic, and including the personal stories alongside the factual information.

It’s like being at a party – you can either jump in and have a good time, or stand off in a corner mumbling to yourself.

Keira goes into the running to win a one-month featured spot in the sidebar, alongside previous winner SpicePuppy.

I’ll be judging that winner at the end of December, depending on their continued participation in the ‘Ask the Readers’ discussions.

This week’s question again:

What’s your definition of success?