Your Trump Card Post Idea 248

I want to share a post idea anyone can use. It’s almost guaranteed to produce one of the best blog posts you’ve ever written. It’s an idea with limited uses, so I’d suggest that you use it wisely. It will also take some time to do it justice. The perfect scenario would be one where […]

25 Paths to an Insanely Popular Blog 261

1. The social media runaway train. Perhaps the most sought after (and least frequently attained) route to a popular blog is rapid ‘growth from above’ resulting from huge traffic spikes, most frequently originating from Digg. This route was traveled by blogs like Zen Habits (did you know Zen Habits has been on the Digg front page more than 80 […]

How to Get 1100 Subscribers in Five Days 214

There are two reasons why I’ve used the above title for this post. Firstly, it’s a follow-up to my article on How to Get 1,050 Subscribers in Three Months. Secondly, because my new blog, Anywired, reached 1,100 subscribers five days after its launch on Thursday. This post contains everything I’ve learned about starting a second blog while […]

Hansel and Gretel Link Building-41

Most of us are familiar with the old fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel. Two children overhear their parents planning to abandon them. They prepare a pouch of white pebbles and, when taken deep into the forest, leave a trail of pebbles leading back to their home. They are able to follow the pebbles back to their […]

Rethinking Links 51

Aggregating links to content by other authors has been a staple item on the web content diet for years. Unfortunately, it’s an area almost completely devoid of innovation. Links are returned like results from an intelligent search-engine: a title, a description, a recommendation — as if things couldn’t be done any other way. In this […]