How to Get 1100 Subscribers in Five Days 214

There are two reasons why I’ve used the above title for this post. Firstly, it’s a follow-up to my article on How to Get 1,050 Subscribers in Three Months. Secondly, because my new blog, Anywired, reached 1,100 subscribers five days after its launch on Thursday. This post contains everything I’ve learned about starting a second blog while […]

Why Traffic Your Subscriber Count and Money Doesnt Matter 170

One question I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is: what sets the top blogs and websites apart, from a visitor’s perspective? The question has an astonishing answer. It’s not traffic, it’s often not subscriber numbers and it’s not advertising revenue. These are the things visitors don’t see, or don’t have to see. If what […]

How to Avoid Fools Gold and Create Value Packed Content 182

In my last post — why value rules the attention economy — I argued that concentrating value is a wise growth plan in the Web 2.0 era. Though a number of readers disagreed with some of the extra points I made, people did seem to respond well to the idea of creating value-packed content. I do plan […]