The Pocket Sized Guide to Blogging 282

(A bit out of practice, but stick with me.) If you’re like me, you’ve probably read the equivalent of a few books worth of material on how to run a successful blog. You’ve read about getting more traffic, getting more subscribers, getting more links, more comments, social media votes and so on. If triggered, you […]

Bloggers Watch and Learn 289

Learning to blog well is no different to learning any skill, from painting to playing football. When learning about blogging, we spend much of our time reading lessons on how to blog well, much like an aspiring painter will read books and attend lessons on various types of painting. However, a crucial aspect of learning any […]

The Bloggers Library 28 Free ebooks and Excerpts for Bloggers 77

Looking for some reading material? These eBooks cover topics ranging from content creation, promotion, social media, general blogging, business blogging, making money blogging to web writing/copywriting, SEO and design. The collection totals more than 864 pages and 31 megabytes. Enjoy! Instructions: left-click on the links provided to download or save the eBook from its dedicated page. Content Creation 1. Killer […]

How to Level the Playing Field with Digg 288

If you haven’t noticed already, Digg is the most deeply gamed social media service on the planet. ‘Gaming’ social media is the act of using private networks and arrangements to propel your own content forward. Asking for votes is gaming, organizing submission by select individuals is gaming, and so on. The argument against so-called ‘gaming’ […]

Whats it Like to run a Popular Blog 236

As Skelliewag approaches 3,500 subscribers (barring huge Feedburner errors…) I’ve started to accept that the blog has grown into something that many people would class as popular, successful and so on. One thing that strikes me as strange is how little talk there is about the ways in which running a well-established blog differs from running a […]

101 Essential Blogging Skills 67

Over the last few weeks I set myself the challenge of boiling an entire hypothetical meta-blog down into one post. I asked myself: if I could only write one more post about blogging, what would it be? This was the result: 101 essential skills for any blogger, gleaned from more than seven years of observation, as […]