How to Get Piles of Links Subscribers and Comments 273

It’s easy to get caught up discussing high-level Digg strategies and complicated metaphors, but it’s important not to lose sight of the things that make the advanced stuff worthwhile. Without the ability to gather links, subscribers and comments, your blog can’t grow. These three basic things are the lifeblood of your blog. It’s essential to […]

The Bloggers Library 28 Free ebooks and Excerpts for Bloggers 77

Looking for some reading material? These eBooks cover topics ranging from content creation, promotion, social media, general blogging, business blogging, making money blogging to web writing/copywriting, SEO and design. The collection totals more than 864 pages and 31 megabytes. Enjoy! Instructions: left-click on the links provided to download or save the eBook from its dedicated page. Content Creation 1. Killer […]

How to Level the Playing Field with Digg 288

If you haven’t noticed already, Digg is the most deeply gamed social media service on the planet. ‘Gaming’ social media is the act of using private networks and arrangements to propel your own content forward. Asking for votes is gaming, organizing submission by select individuals is gaming, and so on. The argument against so-called ‘gaming’ […]

Getting Better at Bad Why Practice Doesnt Always Make Perfect 1176

“Practice makes perfect.” – Unknown Or does it? We’re told that with thousands of hours of ‘deliberate’ practice, meaning practicing the same thing repeatedly, we can become experts. Well, tell that to my old soccer team. I was new to soccer and especially bad at it, but some of the players on the team had been practicing […]

Whats it Like to run a Popular Blog 236

As Skelliewag approaches 3,500 subscribers (barring huge Feedburner errors…) I’ve started to accept that the blog has grown into something that many people would class as popular, successful and so on. One thing that strikes me as strange is how little talk there is about the ways in which running a well-established blog differs from running a […]

The Definitive Guide to Choosing a Topic for Your New Blog Part 1 1079

Many things go into building a house before the first drop of concrete hits the soil, and before the first brick has been laid down. Surveyors pore over a prospective construction site and take measurements, confirming that there’s enough space for the construction, and that the ground is steady. They consider the surroundings, the views, […]

19 Strategies to Help Turn New Visitors into Loyal Readers 109

Yesterday I wrote about loyal readers and how they can be a key factor in your blog or website’s growth. Today’s post provides 19 answers to the question: how can I help new visitors become loyal readers? Each point is not necessarily a complete answer in itself, and is best used in tandem with several others. The […]