The blog Usability Checklist 95

In light of the positive feedback received for A Beginner’s Guide to Making Your Site More Usable, I’ve composed a 19 point checklist that should be useful to any blogger looking for a practical way to evaluate (and improve) the usability of their blog. Many of the principles here will apply to websites, as well. 1. […]

Creating Passionate Readers 212

The marketer’s daydream is to ‘evangelize’ products and brands — to create customers who are passionate about what the marketers are trying to sell. When it comes to blogs and websites, having a passionate readership is just as valuable. By evangelizing your blog, you create an audience who is eager to link, comment and vote for […]

50 Tips to Unclutter Your Blog 44

Tied to the internet productivity movement is the internet uncluttering movement. There are a slew of new websites dedicated to helping you unclutter your home, your work and your life. I want to contribute to this movement with a manifesto for defeating blog clutter. Blog clutter is the stuff your readers really don’t need, and it serves mainly […]