Find Your Flow and The Money Will Follow 941

The well-worn phrase “Do what you love and the money will follow” leaves a lot to be desired. Even if you could get paid to watch episodes of LOST (you can’t), you’d probably yearn for more rewarding work. There is a marked difference between things you love that could make money and things you love that won’t. […]

Ask the Readers Whats Your Definition of success 165

This week, I want to challenge Skelliewag readers to set out a concrete definition of success for their blog or website. A point where you can say you’ve achieved everything you wanted. My personal definition of success is focused around two goals: to be able to quit my part-time job and make my income online doing something […]

30 Simple Ways to Battle Poverty with Technology 571

Bloggers are very privileged to be able to share our creative output with so many people, and in some cases, to profit from that creative output. We’re able to do this because we’re not living in poverty. We can afford to run computers, electricity, pay internet bills, purchase domain names and hosting–something that many people […]

30 Days to Become a Freelancer 961

If you’ve ever thought about freelancing part-time but never done it, this post may help you. Most people never follow through on those thoughts because they are overwhelmed and confused by the process of starting a freelance business. The aim of this post is to provide a step-by-step guide to launching a part-time freelance business in […]

How to Start or Start Over Building your Personal Brand 877

A ‘personal brand’ is in many ways synonymous with your reputation. It refers to the way other people see you. Are you a genius? An expert? Are you trustworthy? What do you represent? What do you stand for? What ideas and notions pop up as soon as someone hears your name? If you’ve been around […]