Number Adjective Contents What Happens When a Formula Dies 543

Posts based on the Number + Adjective + Contents headline formula are probably the most popular form of web content we’ve ever seen. For every one person who loathes them there are one-hundred people who are enchanted by them. For reasons that others have previously explored, this kind of content pushes all the right psychological buttons. […]

The Best of Skelliewag in 2007 202

A lot of new readers have joined the Skelliewag community in the last few months. I thought the general trend of ‘Best of 2007′ lists would be a nice way to remind both recent and long-time readers of this year’s highlights. Unfortunately, this list can’t be a true ‘Best of 2007′ round-up because Skelliewag is only five months old […]

25 Headline Formulas That Have Plagued and Blessed Web 2.0 143

Headlines can make or break a story. With thousands of different articles vying for our attention, web users can afford to be picky. In an ideal world we’d give articles a fighting chance to prove their worth, but in truth, unless we have pre-existing faith in the author, we often make the decision to read […]

How to Run a Profitable Freelance Business Through Your Blog 1068

’m extremely excited to finally be able to share with you my first book, The Blog Business Funnel. Written and refined over 6 months (since June 2009), it’s an outpouring of knowledge on everything I know and have learned about how to run a thriving freelance business supported only by your blog. In July 2008 I was studying […]

Why You Should Start a Swipe File Today 137

Yesterday’s list of 70 sources of inspiration was mainly composed of examples. In this post, I want to explain why the ability to learn from others is essential to your development as a blogger or webmaster. Here, I’ll outline the process for creating and using something I strongly believe every web publisher should maintain: a swipe file […]