The Bloggers Library 28 Free ebooks and Excerpts for Bloggers 77

Looking for some reading material?

These eBooks cover topics ranging from content creation, promotion, social media, general blogging, business blogging, making money blogging to web writing/copywriting, SEO and design.

The collection totals more than 864 pages and 31 megabytes. Enjoy!

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Content Creation

1. Killer Web Content (Sample) by Jerry McGovern (20 pages . 154kb)

The first chapter of Killer Web Content provides an overview of writing for the web and the different types of content you can create. McGovern has also written an eBook specifically about writing for the web (available below).

2. Killer Flagship Content by Chris Garrett (17 pages . 255kb)

The definitive guide to writing pillar articles — value-packed blog posts which will help to define your blog. The eBook was written by Chris Garrett who blogs about becoming an authority blogger at He’s also a regular contributor at Copyblogger.

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3. What Do You Do When Someone Steals Your Content? (Sample) by Lorelle VanFossen

Lorelle of Lorelle on WordPress outlines several different responses bloggers can take to the (almost) inevitable content theft that comes with writing on the web. This is an excerpt from her book, Blogging Tips.

4. Who’s There? by Seth Godin (45 pages . 1.88mb)

“Seth Godin’s incomplete guide to blogs and the new web.” The companion book to Knock Knock (available below), this one is more focused on what you put on your blog than how you promote it. Seth outlines some simple and powerful ideas as only he knows how.


5. Viral Marketing With Blogs by Brian Clark (30 pages . 484kb)

Packed with tips on using viral content and promotions to build the profile of your blog, this eBook is written by the inimitable Brian Clark of Copyblogger.

6. Unleashing the IdeaVirus by Seth Godin (197 pages . 893kb)

The most detailed text on viral marketing you’ll find. It’s not written specifically about blogging, but many of its core principles can be translated over.

7. Everyone Is An Expert by Seth Godin (32 pages . 1.59mb)

Discusses how Squidoo can be used to build your profile and drive traffic back to your blog. It should be noted that Squidoo is the brain-child of the author.

8. Knock Knock by Seth Godin (41 pages . 6.10mb)

“Seth Godin’s incomplete guide to building a website that works.” An unconventional guide to marketing and running a website/blog from an unconventional guy.

Using Social Media

9. What is Social Media? by Spannerworks (33 pages . 975kb)

A good overview of the different types of social media, from podcasts to folksonomies. Anyone looking at branching into new content formats will find this eBook useful.

10. Flipping the Funnel by Seth Godin (18 pages . 1.20mb)

A short guide to promoting yourself with Web 2.0. Many of the principles are directly translatable to blogging.

11. Authority Black Book by Jack Humphrey (64 pages . 856kb)

A guide to utilizing Web 2.0 as a promotional tool for your blog. Would also serve as a good introduction for someone unfamiliar with how social bookmarking services can interact with blog content.

General Blogging

12. Blog Branding and Identity (Sample) by Lorelle VanFossen

Lorelle of Lorelle on WordPress outlines the basics of creating a brand and identity for your blog, through both its content and its design. This is an excerpt from her book, Blogging Tips.

13. Blog Syndication and Subscription Tips (Sample) by Lorelle VanFossen

Some basic tips on offering feeds and increasing subscriptions. A good starting point for the absolute beginner. This is an excerpt from her book, Blogging Tips.

14. Successful Blogging (Sample) by Bob Walsh (29 pages . 630kb)

A solid overview of the blogging process, from being consistent to remaining inspired.

15. The Art of Alpha-Female Blogging by Halley Suitt (22 pages . 386kb)

The focus of this eBook is on writing dirty — writing with personality and humanity. I’d recommend this to any personal blogger.

16. We Media by Shayne Bowman and Chris Willis (66 pages . 3.14mb)

In-depth exploration of citizen journalism and how this relates to blogging. Useful reading for any blogger who writes on current events, politics or breaking news.

17. Launching a WordPress Blog by Tina Clarke (5.72 mb)

A good starter-guide for anyone flummoxed by the process of setting up a WordPress blog. Details installation, customization and some basic SEO. It might also be useful to share with anyone you know thinking of moving to WordPress from another platform.

Business Blogging

18. The Corporate Weblog Manifesto by Robert Scoble (13 pages . 295kb)

Robert Scoble is an internet celebrity. Here he provides 20 solid foundations for any corporate weblog. Any business blogger will find useful ideas here.

19. Beginner’s Guide to Business Blogging by Debbie Wiel (41 pages . 913kb)

A practical and common-sense guide to getting started with a business blog. Aimed at the absolute beginner, but with good foundational principles for the veteran, also.

Make Money Blogging

20. Blog Profits Blueprint by Yaro Starak (54 pages . 676kb)

A comprehensive overview of how to get started making money with a blog. Yaro has previously co-operated with Darren Rowse of and is currently selling his services as a blog profits mentor at Blog Mastermind.

21. Make Money Online by John Chow (59 pages . 1.79mb)

John Chow of, well, his blog, outlines how he has started generating a monthly five-figure income through blogging and provides tips for how you can do the same. This contains some useful general blogging info as well, though everything is always related back to monetization.

22. The Long Tail by Chris Anderson (33 pages . 645kb)

Required reading for anyone aiming to monetize a niche market.

Web Writing/Copywriting

23. Writing for the Web (Sample) by Gerry McGovern (12 pages . 218mb)

Short and sweet guide to crisp web writing with a focus on saying more in less words. I recommend this one if you don’t want to spend too long reading theories on writing better.

24. The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jnr.

The online version of the classic book. This remains a constant point of reference for many copywriters. Its most famous message is to “omit needless words” and will be useful for any blogger looking to sharpen up their web writing.

25. Common Errors in English by Paul Brians

The online version of the book by Paul Brians. An encyclopedic list of common errors in English, this resource should be useful for bloggers looking to fine-tune their spelling, grammar and expression.


26. Beginner’s Guide to SEO by SEOmoz (30 pages . 438kb)

SEOmoz is a highly trusted SEO resource and its Beginner’s Guide has consistently been a first port of call for those who want to get to grips with the SEO phenomenon.


27. Web Style Guide, 2nd Edition by Patrick Lynch and Sarah Horton

A comprehensive introduction to web design for the blogger looking to customize or construct a theme for their blog. Introduces important concepts like the use of whitespace and chunking information.

28. 5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Blog by Nate Whitehill (8 pages . 2.51mb)

A clearly presented basic guide to making your blog look unique. This would be perfect for anyone looking to personalize or brand a theme. You’ll need to subscribe to the Unique Site Designs email list to receive the eBook. You can unsubscribe at any time.