Your Trump Card Post Idea 248

I want to share a post idea anyone can use. It’s almost guaranteed to produce one of the best blog posts you’ve ever written.

It’s an idea with limited uses, so I’d suggest that you use it wisely. It will also take some time to do it justice.

The perfect scenario would be one where you have ample time to write but a lack of inspiration. We’ve all had those days, and I hope this will be your Get Out of Jail Free card in dealing with them.

Your final words

Imagine this post is the last blog post you’ll ever be able to write. What would you want to say to your audience? What advice would you be desperate to give? What story would you feel compelled to tell?

This is a good opportunity to take a holistic view of your primary blog topic. Instead of focusing on one of the components required for success, provide a roadmap to it, for example. Instead of writing about a specific part of your niche, take a birds-eye view. What would you say about it all, if you only had one post left to write?

I think web content writers often worry that if they say everything at once, they won’t have anything new left to say. This isn’t true. Unless you intend on writing thousands of words, you can’t explore all details fully without dealing with each in isolation. You might bring up an idea in your ‘final words’ post, but each idea you mention probably deserves a post (or many) of its own.

Some ideas:

  • Outline all the steps required for ‘success’ in your niche — whether it’s becoming an ultra-quick mountain-biker, launching a successful small business or traveling around the world. A good example of this strategy is Maki’s post on The Secret to Building a Popular Blog.
  • If you had to shrink your blog down into one 500 to 1,000 word post, what would that post say?
  • If you were only able to impart one last lesson or idea to your readers, what would it be?
  • What are the five most important lessons you’ve learned, relating to your niche?

Crafting the headline

Take the opportunity to create a headline that expresses the comprehensiveness of your post. After all — you’re trying to create something really important, so you better let your readers know!

Headline formulas:

If you only ever read one post on ______, make it this one

The five most important things you need to know about ______

How to be a successful _______

The most important thing you need to learn about ________

The challenge

I’m really confident this idea will result in some stellar blog posts, so I’d like to showcase them here. If you write a post using the trump card formula after the publish date of this post, then email me a link to it before the 25th, I’ll write a post here dedicated to showcasing your links.

I’m looking forward to reading and sharing some stellar posts!